Sash Window Repairs London

I want to take the chance to thank our sash window repairs London specialists for a year of dedicated service to us. Not only have you have us money and provided unbelievable turn around time on calls and complaints our tenants have had. You always do it with a smile. I am always getting calls from our tenants that the window guys are always happy to help, go that extra mile, they take their shoes and boots off when walking into the home. In general these guys offer a real classy sash window repairs London service.

I could not fault the service in a year, whilst offering brilliant service to our clients, they have also made us a lot of great contacts, and recommends as a result. The sash window double glazing of original sashes has been a massive hit for us. The number of recommends to our service as a result has been colossal. Double glazing of the original sash involves cutting the sash in a special way to allow for a double glazed unit to install without the need for entire replacement. This method means all the old joinery is used and thats a brilliant thing in London. We are always throwing out way too much of our good stuff.

So we cut the sash deeper than we install the double glazed unit. This results in the double glazed unit being installed, without seeing the nasty outside edge. So it’s also like installing single glazing in the original sash and looks just as ornate. If we’ve seen one fault with this system over time it is the glazing bead needs to be fastened well to the glass to avoid water running down the inside of the bead. This is an easy fix, it’s just a little TLC and I don’t want to get caught up on that.

Often this sash window repairs London service is tied into a much more energy efficient draught proofing system. This draught proofing system will stop all rattling and dust coming into your home as well. This is brilliant when we consider the nets and curtains. It’s true that nets and curtains owned by landlords have a significantly shorter lifespan than those of a homeowner. It’s a pretty reasonable expectation that the homeowner will not want to have their goods damaged and therefore far more maintenance and cleaning over a shorter period of time. So this is a big win for the landlord that a draught proofing system has the ability to cut this down. So Thank you, for being a great London Sash Window Company that always delivers and being the service just keeps on giving with a smile. If there was a sash window repairs London service that we could recommend, it is this one. Love Tara, your friendly Greenwich Letting agent.