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We are a property letting agents, but don’t let the name fool you, we are specialists in home repairs, home maintenance, tenant management, and everything in between that. If you offer us the opportunity to let your property, on your behalf, we will maximise your rental time and income. That’s our Greenwich Letting, promise to you.!

We are not just agents as I mentioned in the first paragraph we build, refurbish, repair, restore, clean, renovate, and even move homes on client request. Because we are diverse in business, we can provide a genuine all in one solution for rental. Maintenance costs are on the up, having in house teams to minimise the losses are of upmost importance to the landlord at the moment and with ever narrowing margins in buy to let we are the go to agency to make the difference to you and your pocket.

We have specialist plumbing teams which offer boiler maintenance and servicing, complete central heating systems with the most up to date technologies, further reducing home running costs. Simple repairs such as leaky taps, or broken flush mechanisms on toilets are an easy fix that we don’t need to go outside for.

We have an in house carpenter with 30 years experience in sash windows, sash window repairs, sash window re cording, and sash window draught proofing which stops annoying rattles that our tenants will frequently complain about. Stiff doors that have swollen in the winter from moisture ingress as well as windows that won’t shut or open properly are no problem. Smaller jobs like kitchen work surface replacement, internal doors, and noisy floor boards can be handled by us, just ask for a quote.

We have in house builders that can knock walls down, move the kitchen around, make bathrooms to a high standard and carry out all general building tasks to a high standard. It is important to used a recognised service that offers, both insurance and piece of mind that your property will be cared for. I didn’t even mention the roof either did I? Anyone that has been a landlord for any length of time will already know the value of having an honest roofer on your team.

One of the most used of our all in one service is the gardener. Landscaping is far less common than a general tidy up, trimming bushes, and cleaning patios but we are equally happy to carry out the complete service and we havea saying that we genuinely mean. No job is too small so please, you can contact us for anything.

For larger sash window and door projects we partner with a London Sash Window Company. They carry out full on sash window draught proofing, sash window restoration and refurbishment. These guys leave no stone unturned in the sash window world. The services offered can include triple glazing to reduce condensation (which is a constant battle for landlords as we know) and they have simpler double glazing programs, however double glazing is brilliant and cuts 95% of all condensation, it is inferior to triple glazing. That said triple glazing is extremely expensive so we always advise you consider the lesser of the options based on maximised return on investment.

In certain cases these guys can double glaze existing original sash windows and they operate in Greenwich as well as throughout London. They are a fully vetted London Sash Window Company and can be trusted with your property and possessions. We recommend you take a quick look at their double glazing original sash windows page as it is crammed with useful information that will be an asset to you as well as increase the value of your home. Please do mention that we recommended you, as being a partner with them, you are sure to receive preferential treatment